My pilgrimage to Himalayas. As scenery captivates me,  I captured them with my eye lenses.
A whisper within probing me to be a thief ….resulting in …

Bloomed from a pilgrim to a Photographer. Journey, from Himalayas down to Masai Mara.
From seclusion of ice cold mountain, to company of untamed animals in flat African terrain.
A journey from an IT person, to a nature lover, hunting for images, shooting with love and passion.
Transformed, I now share the beauty, with you, no more kept within the lenses of my eye. 
The whisper within was ..

“I instill in you, be still, steal me, take these Stills”
Thank You Dear Nature
Unknowingly I stumbled upon fulfilling my quest for peace, via these pictures. Quietens me,

I found mE!

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